Sunday, May 22, 2011

i am..

BACK!!!!!! some crochet project that I finished is coming soon..I love life Peace

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Going Green and Crochet a prefect fit

I love this color..i love to crochet...I crochet so much that i needed comfort for my hand so I add painters tape and pencil grip..i love corchetting

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


1. Gather the materials:
Glue gun
crochet needle
Ring POP
glass bead
Yarn of you choice

2. Crochet a rose and eat the candy off the ring pop then clean it
3. Plug in the glue gun
4. Hot Glue the rose first then the glass bead next..then PAU

the rose is complete....enjoy :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ring POP Ring...

i love these ring they are easy to make..Tutorial coming soon..enjoy

Saturday, July 4, 2009


so I been thinking about setting up a store..well it is more then a thought, I have things posted on and I have tons of things to posted I just dont have enough time..I need a business partner..HAHA (sorry inside joke)..well I dont know if people will buy my work which I know that is a lie. I all ready sold things..OK I will sell things and I will let everyone know..I CAN DO THIS!!! peace..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i love crochetting

Breakfast and crochet

my first spiral and shell (thing in pink)

plastic and stars

luggage pattern

my own design...if you want email to order..$5.

i made this little swim top out of a Skirt that I love so much..and the pattern for the crochet is found here
So I made this hat for a friend and there two reversion becasue I change it for him..then i made me a black the is the pattern for the brim

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Want to buy my craft

Welcome to my CRAFT FOR SALE.
I have been crochet for 8years and sewing for 3years. i have made TOns of things. here listed are some of those things. A description of the items are beyond each picture.
Return Policy: You have 20 days to return the item and you will receive 90% of final cost back.
Prices are NOT Final, so we can negotiate prices.
From May 6, 2009 to June 6,2009 there is $10 OFF make sure you ask for the $10off sale.
order can be by email email is
or if you are lucky person and have my phone number you can call me too...

SHIPPING is through U.S Postal services.

Crochet waist belt for $35

crochet cuff for $22

crochet coaster for $20

crochet scrubbie or coaster for $20

crochet basket for $35

crochet 4 ring bracelet fit 8in wrist for $25

four crochet flower headband for $30

crochet camera holder for $25

small crochet scrubbies for $15

crochet granny square rag for $20

small tunican crochet coin purse for $15

small crochet heart rag for $20

small crochet scrubbies for $15

Crochet Camera case for $30

crochet head scarf for $30

Crochet rag for $15

Small crochet bag for $25

small crochet coin purse for $20

small crochet headband tie in the back $25

four corner crochet coaster for $20

yellow crochet triangle $15

New Born small crochet hat $25

small crochet bracelet with purple heart beads $15

white crochet star $20

small crochet scrubbie for $15.00

small crochet flower $14

crochet Dollie coaster for $20

Blue crochet belt fit all--extra long for $30

Crochet white heart for $15

crochet heart coasters $15.00

Crochet house shoes size 9 woman $45

Crochet or knitting needle holder $30
Large adult white crochet hat $35

Shirt bag $25.

Big Bag $65 made from recycle clothing

small 2 shirt bag $20

House shoes size 10 woman..made out of crochet triangles and fli flop cover with jean material.
for $35

beaded bag with shell chain handle for $25

Jeans skirt bag with crochet handles for $30

Granny squares crochet bag for $55

fold-able bag for $25 made out of recycle thick shirts

Reversible bag for $25 made out of recycle shirts

brown and red cape for $35

green and purple crochet circle bag for $45

crochet plastic bag bag for $30 hold up to 30 or more pounds

plastic bag bag for $20 weaved can hold up to 5 pounds

small crochet Bag for $25

small crochet bag for $25

Crochet bowl for $45 cir. of about 8in. height is 5in.