Friday, January 30, 2009

Before 2009

so here are picture of project I did before this year.
This bag was made of Granny square. The person who taught me how to crochet gave me a ton of yarn and these square so i made a bag..

This bag is made out of plastic bags..i got this pattern off online...The other bag is the same pattern but with yarn...

This Head wrap was a test for me so I don't like much
So i Started crocheting when I was 14. It was YW activity and I felled in Love..I been doing off and on. but I still love it so this blog is just a few things I have done..I wish it was more cool things but I working on that enjoy..

This the first thing I crochet it is the YW suppose to be a wall hanging but I made it into a bag by sewing up the sides.