Thursday, March 12, 2009

expanding my talents

This bowl was easy to crochet but hard to harden..but i love it even though I did not use the require gauge. here is a file on how to make it your self.

so this is a cuff...the picture does not do it justice but it is really nice...i will and try and put a better again i did not do the require gauge so this cuff is huge but i love it. here is a link to it enjoy. or you can get the pdf from here

my new my old navy flip flop broke so i made these slippers..out of triangle and old jeans. they are big but they are comfortable..and warm

Circles are great to make and purple and green are my colors so i love this bag...even though i am having problems with the weaving in the ends but i think i fix that..

My first Tapestry crochet project...i really want to learn this and i did..kinda..can you guess what it is? if not it is a HEArt.

With each of these project i did some kind of technique that I have never done..i love learning.

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