Monday, April 20, 2009

I am still here

so i been lazy..i cant say busy..i been reading, crocheting and sewing..i have drop knitting maybe I pick it up again so..let see:

Since I don't have a job I made my own Hairpin Lace Loom. It was fun to learn it took two days.

My niece Takiria birthday is Today so I made a bag out of this rug I made...She was eying this rug for a long time and she actually gave me the idea to make a bag out of made out of Granny squares and i lined it.

I Went green and made this flip flop out of plastic bags. here is a way to cut plastic bags.
Here is the way i did it.

Star so I made me a starghan, but I made my own can contact me and I can sell you my pattern for $5.50 or you can buy one just pick two color and it size and it cost between $45-$65. The size are small (40in) meduim (50in) and Large (60in). You can email me your order. in the subject line write: I want a Starghan.. my email is

I am working on this skirt..(I ran out of yarn) but the top is broomstick lace and the bottom is v-st.

My mom got a PDA for free so I crochet this cover. The pattern is a circle pattern. But the covetr was to small so I sew a different for it and I use this for collecting small pieces of my craftiness...

I made a this out of plastic to...i dc until i got the width and length I wanted.

I found this pattern and made it my own..
I love crocheting. It makes my world go around. I working on two big project so It might be awhile before I come here...just to give you a heads up.

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  1. WOW! the plastic bag thing is soooo crazy! you are just amazing!!!